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Friends of Old Town Bloom – Rotary Club

Herein lies a post about the friends that we have made along the way, thanks to the community garden project ‘Old Town Bloom’ First up is the Runcorn Rotary Club Runcorn Rotary Club Throughout the Old Town Bloom project I had continually sent out emails to anyone that I thought was relevant to the project, […]

Book When?

At Hazlehurst we are currently working on our workshop calendar for the next few months, from textiles to print to Christmas like things.  At Hazlehurst Studios we currently use bookwhen for online booking, but are also looking into updating that, if anyone has any solid recommendations? Current link is https://v1.bookwhen.com/hazlehurst (some time related errors currently listed, but dates are right). […]

Design to Stitch 2014/2015

  Design to Stitch 2014/2015 with Maria Tarn Textile Artist  This popular monthly workshop returns this Saturday (6th September), amidst the chaos of refurbishing the community room (back to normal by October, well back even better thanks to Runcorn Framers). Please have a read of these other posts to find out more Design to Stitch […]

Design to Stitch 2013/2014

A look back at the Hazlehurst Studios Design to Stitch Workshops 2013/2014 Tutor Maria Tarn Textile Artist This series of workshops has run for over a year on the first Saturday of every month. No previous experience was necessary, just and interest and enthusiasm to learn new things and work creatively. The emphasis was initially […]

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