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Hazlehurst Studios. 

Our Ethos

Hazlehurst Studios, a Community Interest Company operating on a not-for-profit basis, is led by directors who volunteer their time and expertise, embodying a commitment to enhancing access to art and culture for all within Halton. Founded on the principle of inclusivity, Hazlehurst Studios serves as a beacon of creativity and community engagement, offering a diverse range of artistic programmes and initiatives. Through collaborative efforts with local residents and organisations, Hazlehurst Studios fosters a vibrant cultural ecosystem, enriching lives and nurturing talent across the borough. With a steadfast dedication to social impact, Hazlehurst Studios stands as a testament to the transformative power of the arts, striving to create a more connected and enriched community for generations to come.


What we do

Hazlehurst Studios is a creative hub situated in the heart of Runcorn. We offer an affordable and like- minded environment for artists and makers in Halton. Hazlehurst currently houses 18 artists within our studios, with expertise in a range of disciplines including Socially Engaged Art (community projects), Illustration, Fine Art, Photography, Textiles, Printmaking and more. Hazlehurst 

As well as managing and facilitating practical workshops,  Hazlehurst Studios also provides project management, public art strategy and community engagement consultancy to help you reach your creative project goals. Our aim is to work with you to make meaningful connections so that your organisation, project or event is successful, efficient and received positively.

We are undergoing an exciting period of redevelopment - so please get in touch if you want to know more, from workshops, to room hire to potential new studio spaces (we have a waiting list).

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Our History

Hazlehurst Studios was created in November 2011 by four artists from the local area: Carys Anne Hughes, Jennifer Kenworthy, Maria Tarn and Cathy Rounthwaite, with help and support from Halton Borough Council's Art Development officer Louise Hesketh. Our mission was simple; to provide a shared, affordable studio space for artist-makers in Runcorn. Home to the Brindley Arts Centre and a thriving artistic community, the borough of Halton had no studio spaces available for artists to rent on any scale and it was our vision to change this. From the beginning Hazlehurst Studios formed as a Community Interest Company (CIC). As a not-for-profit organisation it was important for us that any surplus made by the company be either invested back into our sustainability or used to offer community art projects.In the early part of 2012, after much searching we finally found our wonderful premises at 73a High street. This building offered large, spacious, well-lit rooms perfect for creating and making as well as a large communal space offering the potential for future workshops with the public.

In April 2012 we worked hard to secure Arts Council England Funding allowing us to turn our dreams into a reality and begin to invite other artists to join us on our journey and share the studios. That year saw us work tirelessly to offer numerous taster sessions, workshops and open days to raise our profile as a new creative hub in the community. In 2013 we continued to develop our vision by providing arts and craft workshops and a brand new print press, meaning artists no longer needed to travel the distance for essential, specialised equipment but instead could access it right on their doorstep.  It was in 2014 that Hazlehurst truly began to flourish as we became committed to working with other local organisations to strengthen how we engage with the community.  We provided a successful outreach programme called Old Town Bloom, which culminated in a lovely shared gardens right in the heart of our town.

To date, Hazlehurst Studios houses 18 artists and several associate artists with expertise in a range of disciplines including Photography, Textiles, Mixed Media, illustration and Printmaking. We have an exciting workshop programme that is being developed to create a wider experience of the arts for the community of Halton and offer courses that inspire individuals to learn and develop new skills. Hazlehurst Studios provides artists with a stable and secure studio environment which fosters creativity and imagination. All our artists have the space, equipment and most importantly the support of like-minded individuals that they require to develop their skills as an artist.

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