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Draw on Halton 2 - A look at the Camden Buildings

For our fourth prompt of 'Draw on Halton 2' we focused on 'Buildings' and their connection to Halton and Hazlehurst Studios - which you can read about here 'Draw on Halton - Buildings' and see our other entries 'Draw on Halton - Buildings The Entries'

This exploration of space and surroundings is part of our current body of work for the Arts Council, as we look into the feasibility of expanding our offer.

What does that mean? Currently we are exploring the possibility of expanding our studios, so that we can offer more studio spaces and improve our facilities. If this interests you, then please get in touch.

This year marks nine years of inhabiting the High Street in Runcorn and it's buildings have become very important to us. Not only providing us with space to work, create and make connections, but also offering opportunities to become part of the High Street itself. In an organic way we have grown and established the community garden 'Old Town Bloomers', which in turn has allowed us to make friends and connections, anchoring us in place.

As well as noticing the decay and demise in the buildings that surround us, we also notice their beauty and potential. In this post, we look more closely at the Camden Buildings.

Camden Buildings

High Street Runcorn by Cathy Rounthwaite

The next prompt for Draw on Halton 2 is 'People' find out how to get involved by reading this blog post 'Draw on Halton 2'

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