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Draw on Halton - Cyanotypes

Studio artist's Claire Pitt and Rachael Prime collaborated on some of the #drawonhalton themes, exploring the cyanotype process.

Pubs and Clubs:

In our prompt post for the #drawonhaltonPubs & Clubs’ theme we mentioned this token, found on the Halton Heritage website when exploring the theme.

Token produced for the Widnes Workman Public House Co. Ltd, for the value of 1d. The Widnes Workman Public House Company included a number of establishments in Widnes which provided only non-alcoholic drinks. The tokens were probably issued to workmen in an effort to encourage teetotalism.

Rachael Prime and Claire Pitt used the original design to experiment with cyanotype designs


For this week’s #drawonhalton ‘Library’ theme Rachael Prime and Claire Pitt collaborated to create a series of cyanotypes based on Widnes Library and the Carnegie library in Runcorn

Widnes Library has some amazing architectural details and was a technical school, it’s always worth looking closely at the building next time you visit.

Carnegie Library has some beautiful stained glass window and although it’s behind closed doors at the moment, the beauty of the building is still there.

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