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Making at Hazlehurst Studios: Men's Sewing Workshops in the North West

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Our studio artist, Nick, embarked on a new series of workshops encouraging men to sew

Our studio artist, Nick, embarked on a new series of workshops in Autumn 2023 with the aim of encouraging men to explore the art of sewing. Led by our accomplished artist Nicolas Carrillo, these workshops unfolded over several weeks, providing participants with hands-on experience in creating practical items from recycled materials, all under Nick's thoughtful guidance. The workshop showcased a vintage sewing machine capable of handling robust materials such as canvas, vinyl, and webbing.

What happened in these sessions?

By the end of these friendly workshops, participants had acquired the skills to confidently operate a sewing machine, expertly manipulate fabric, create seams and closures, and even develop their own basic patterns or personal projects. These sessions fostered a supportive environment, boosting confidence in sewing and sparking fresh ideas for future projects.

Following the success of the initial run, Nick eagerly initiated a second series of workshops, which continued throughout Autumn 2023.

Explore a selection of images captured during these sessions:

Looking ahead, the results of these two series of workshops are now evident, showcasing the creative endeavours and newfound skills of participants. Whether you're starting your sewing adventure or refining existing skills, consider securing your spot in Nick’s upcoming sessions starting in January. This makes for a fantastic Christmas present, either for yourself or a loved one. Secure your spot through this [Link to Book].

More images from sessions!

Do you have any suggestions for workshops?

If you have workshop ideas to share, we're eager to hear them. Nick is actively expanding our workshop offerings, ensuring inclusivity for all. Your insights are truly valuable. Stay informed about upcoming opportunities by visiting our Events page and signing up for our newsletter. Let's continue nurturing creativity together!

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