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Exploring the Art of Street Photography Through the Lens of a Film Camera: Workshop Series

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Our studio artist, Nicolas Carrillo, has recently launched his new series of workshops, centred around street photography and film cameras. Nick has deliberately kept these sessions small and affordable so that people can have the chance to fall in love with the process. As our workshop program develops, we want those who attend these sessions to grow with us!

During the sessions with Nick, participants got familiar with the cameras, then took a short walk around the local area to test out ideas about composition, play with light and shadows, and capture those candid moments that make street photography so compelling.

Once the participants had shot some film, Nick proceeded to teach them how to process their film, producing a set of negatives ready for scanning. You can find some of the results from the workshops in this photo slideshow. The cameras, lenses, and film were all provided by Nick as part of the workshop fee.

We've also been gifted an amazing amount of kit for our new darkroom from Riverside College, as they have unfortunately run out of space for it at their campus. We've worked with the amazing team at Riverside College on a few projects now and hope to build on this relationship going forward, including developing some meaningful work experience and creative opportunities for the students.

What photography workshops are you interested in? Our studio artists, Nick and Lauren, are putting together a brilliant set of workshops but need your input to develop them further. Please get in touch if you have any suggestions. Whether it's monthly darkroom access, exploring alternative photographic processes, or simply understanding how to use whatever camera you currently have - that includes the camera on your phone!

More results from recent workshops

You can book on Nick's next Film Camera workshops in January - Links to book Saturday January the 13th and Saturday January the 27th.

Head over to our events page to see everything we have coming up, and there's also a handy subscription link so that you never miss anything! Hazlehurst Events.

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