Our Artists. 

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Claire started her creative self taught life funded by the Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme, which allowed her to expand and gain a studio space at Hazlehurst Studios. Her body of work at that time was illustrative, for a commercial audience. Being at the studios exposed Claire to different art practices and allowed her to delve into community art participation, which she gained a passion for. A temporary pop up garden project, has turned into fully involved award winning art and garden space, pulling in inspiration from the industrial heritage and culture that Runcorn has to offer. This has led Claire to explore new bodies work based on the materials that surround her on a daily basis, which are botanical. A fascination in how these materials can be preserved and used has developed, as well as other heritage artisan skills such as gilding work. The garden project is a testament to the found object and this has provoked Claire to work smaller and produce artwork in assemblage form, which encapsulates the materials she works with on a daily basis, in a much smaller scale. 

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With a background in textiles and a degree in embroidery my work is often concerned with the physical engagement with materials. This has developed as three dimensional sculptural forms and handmade books. I am currently exploring print as a medium, working with relief print: referencing woodblock illustrations in cautionary tales, collagraphs: building up textures and surfaces to create atmosphere and reference environment, and more recently experimenting with non-toxic etching. My work is engaged with tradition and narrative and with the impact of English folklore on modern culture.


Nick Carrillo's interest in photography ranges from large format portraits to low
light street photography. Documenting the intersections and meeting places of
everyday life. Site for communication and decision making which may be street
corners, junctions or resting places.
Working mainly with b/w film formats, from the former republic of Yugoslavia to
Down town San Francisco via the Scottish Highlands and Islands, Nick is also
interesting in creative access to photography for non-specialists putting range
finger camera into the hands of workshop participants to tell the stories of their
own lives.
He is currently exploring how to facilitate this remotely by providing films by post
and camera for collection, then processing the films and digitising the results on
their return.

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Initially my photographs or sketches of places visited are interpreted to form the basis of a range of textile work which I have successfully displayed in local galleries over the last five years.  If an image can be drawn or captured digitally it can be interpreted using the sewing machine as drawing tool on canvas. I use digital images transferred onto fabrics and photo collage as backgrounds in my pictures.  Working in these digitally enhanced images and textiles offers opportunities to bring together the rich diversity of texture, colour, depth and energy inherent in textiles. My materials are usually canvas, papers, ribbons, braids, sheers and a range of machine sewing threads.

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Allison John's inspiration comes from the Natural world, and her day to day life. She is interested in how our every day lives impact who we are and the way we see the world. Through the combination of several media she tries to explore her place in the natural world, and how the small things in life effect who she is and the way she sees the world that she lives in.


Working within the beauty of the natural world is the power that drives Mima's
creativity. Whether drawing minute, beautifully detailed mandalas for clients, or
delivering community workshops building giant mandalas of “recycled” flowers,
you will always find connection at the heart of her work.
Mima has produced work at Hazlehurst Studios, for community workshops, and
for ritual as part of her holistic work. She has had work exhibited in her local
area and in Glastonbury.
Her workshops are powered by the desire to make art and nature accessible to
everybody, and inspired by the natural magic around us.
She also works with meditation and has recently qualified as an Integrative
Counsellor. She is looking forward to bringing the therapeutic side of her art
experience into her counselling room, and her counselling knowledge out into
her workshops


Rachael graduated from Glyndwr University with a BA in Illustration using embroidery to create her work. She then dived into the world of costumes going back into education to expand her skills at Liverpool College. After completing this course, she went on to create costumes for films and stage. She never strayed too far from the visual arts using her embroidery skills on her costumes designs and after joining Hazlehurst Studios, Rachael started to create portraits, jewellery and other work. She has now begun to explore the role of narrative within her work expanding her practice to include digital machine embroidery combining with the more traditional techniques of hand and free-hand embroidery.


Cliff has a drawing practice and has exhibited regularly, often with Markmakers
(Halton Artist Cooperative.) He has taught and Adult Education evening
watercolour class for 5 years before gaining his Fine Art MA in 2016 and at
present is studying for a PHD in Fine Art exploring the notion of drawing as a
process of human in-habitation. Cliff led the Artist in Halton Hospital project in
2001 and initiated the Beginning with C project in 2003 connecting cancer
patients with artists to explore their narratives. Cliff's belief is that drawing is a
human behaviour that allows us as a multi-sensory begin to perceive our
environments, that drawing is a cognitive process that allows us to explore, gain
knowledge, facilitates us to map our place and space and builds our cultural
and social awareness.


Former Art student at Mid Cheshire College, specialising largely in portraiture and figurative drawn works with a contemporary twist. Graduated in July 2018 achieving a Higher National Diploma in Fine Art. Previously exhibiting in establishments including Castle Park Arts Centre and Hobbycraft Chester branch, as well as yearly summer college exhibitions. Studio holder at Hazlehurst craft studios since April 2017. Since leaving education, the artist has dedicated her time to developing a broader and extensive portfolio of work, building a social media platform as a young, amateur artist and producing various commissioned pieces.  


Kim graduated from Manchester University with a BA in Fine Arts with a focus on sculpture and performance art. Kim’s projects evolve as she develops them, blending the lines between sculpture and performance art. This was highlighted through a recent exhibition piece where Kim designed and build her childhood bedroom using old family photographs to recreate even the smallest details. Using her own daughter to pose as a child version of herself she brought life to this static sculpture, evoking a nostalgia feel throughout the whole piece. 

Kim is a firm believer in Art education for the younger generation developing and delivering art clubs within her local school. Demonstrating different artists each week, she works to develop the children’s cultural outcomes and art processes through professional art techniques and practices.