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An Evening with Alun Evans

On Thursday, Hazlehurst Studios had the pleasure of hosting Alun Evans, where he shared insights into his current body of work and his lifelong journey in the realm of art creation. Alun, known to many from his tenure as a lecturer at Halton College, sparked fond memories among attendees, including resident artist Nick Carrillo.

Alun's recent focus revolves around printmaking, with a series of mixed media prints featuring collage predominantly crafted through the screen process. Delving into the essence of Liverpool, he meticulously selects elements resonant with the city's heritage, ranging from the smallest objects in National Museums to the grandest environmental structures. His aim? To encapsulate the city's dynamic history, weaving together images to provide a nuanced glimpse into its ever-evolving narrative.

For those intrigued by Alun's work, there are opportunities to meet him on Wednesday, March 13th, and Wednesday, March 20th, between 1:30 pm and 4 pm at 71 High Street. Here, visitors can engage in conversations about his art while exploring the ongoing exhibition.

71 High Street serves as a vibrant platform for local artists, both from Hazlehurst Studios and the broader community. It's a space where diverse artistic voices converge, showcasing the rich tapestry of creativity within our locality.

Hazlehurst Studios extends gratitude to all who attended Alun's enlightening talk, captured beautifully by resident artist Lauren Quayle and hosted with warmth by another Hazlehurst resident, Louise Hesketh.



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