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Draw on Halton - Person

Summary of the 'Draw on Halton' creative challenge started - with the thirteenth prompt being "Person"

Have a peek at Canon Barclay, who was a Runcorn Vicar 1845-1885 - this image is from 1870

Artists featured on the Board

1. Ellie Francesca Watson 2. John Bond 3. John Bond 4. Kyra McCarthy 5. Olivia McCarthy

All work submitted for the 'Person' #drawonhalton challenge

Ellie Francesca Watson - all of Ellie's work for Draw on Halton - Ellie Francesca Watson

Also hop over to Ella Francesca Designs to see more of Ellie's work.

John Bond:

From local artist John Bond for this week’s #drawonhalton ‘Person’ theme

A linocut of Charlie Tanks who was the organist at Holy Trinity Church. There must have been a roar from a least the three large churches in a relatively small area and their organs in Runcorn Old Town on Sundays. Also a small wood engraving of two Liverpool angels tuning the trumpet stops to the organ. How do I know they are Liverpool Angels? Well they still have their hair curlers in!

Kyra McCarthy:

Olivia McCarthy:

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