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Draw on Halton - Music

Summary of the 'Draw on Halton' creative challenge started - with the sixteenth prompt being "Music."

We couldn't mention a "Music" prompt without mentioning our good friends The Studio Widnes who are such an important part of the local music scene, past and present.

They came up with some marvellously creative ways of still offering musical opportunities over this lockdown period for young and old, so please do check them out.

Facebook: @studiowidnes

Artists featured on the Board

1. Allison John 2. Rachael Prime 3. Olivia McCarthy 4. Kyra McCarthy 5. Rachael Prime

6. John Bond 7. John Bond

All work submitted for the 'Music' #drawonhalton challenge

Allison John:

Ellie Francesca Watson - all of Ellie's work for Draw on Halton - Ellie Francesca Watson

Also hop over to Ella Francesca Designs to see more of Ellie's work.

John Bond: Sketch work of a Brass band playing at the bandstand at Victoria Park in Widnes.

Kyra McCarthy - Piece was inspired by her dance performances at The Brindley.

Rachael Prime:

Olivia McCarthy:

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