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Draw on Halton 2

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Draw on Halton was an online creative challenge by Hazlehurst Studios, created during the first lockdown in 2020. The first challenge is now complete and you can see the final exhibition on our blog: Draw on Halton the Garden Exhibition - as well as all the work submitted throughout the duration of the challenge.

Now it’s time for round 2! We are very happy to announce, that over the next few months, Hazlehurst Studios is being supported by Arts Council England, to help us expand our creative offer in Halton. During ‘Draw on Halton 2’ we hope to connect to more local artists and members of the community, to find out how we can help support the future of visual arts in Halton #HHfuture. We want to encourage everyone to join in, whether you are a professional or just picking up a paintbrush or camera for the first time.

  • From the 1st of December, a prompt will be announced every 2 weeks on our blog and social media accounts.

  • To submit any artwork, please either use our google form or email, making sure to clearly state a title and which prompt your work relates to.

  • Any artwork submitted, within the 2 weeks for each prompt, will be shared on our blog and social media sites.

  • If you have missed the deadline for an individual prompt, your artwork can still be submitted up to 31st March 2021, and will be included for consideration in the final exhibition.

  • Artworks submitted before 31st March 2021 will automatically be considered for the final exhibition. If you do not want your artwork to be exhibited, please state when you submit your art.

  • For the final exhibition, preference will be given to new work and those that are inspired directly by Halton in some way.

  • We will be using the hashtag #drawonhalton and #HHfuture throughout this project.

This time we will give you the order of the prompts too -

1.Soap 2. Perform 3. Nature 4. Buildings 5. People 6. Clouds 7. Water 8. Travel 9. Streets

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask by emailing We would love for as many people as possible to get involved, if you are worried about drawing why not send in a photograph? We don’t believe anyone when they say they are not creative! Please have a look at the last challenge to get inspiration.

Google Form to participate:

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1 Comment

Shelley Walker
Shelley Walker
Jan 13, 2021

I think the one next door to you, by the community with garden, would be !ove!y if refurbed. It is so prominent on the road there and gives a very run down and to the area. It is quite beautiful if you ignore all the broken Windows and so on.

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