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Draw on Halton - Streets

Welcome to the Ninth and final prompt of 'Draw on Halton 2' and we are strolling onto 'Streets'

When we first decided to carry on with the 'Draw on Halton' concept and start 'Draw on Halton 2' and it was very much with the thought that we would be beyond the lockdown restrictions and people would have the freedom to more around, without risk to their health.

This prompt was created to think about our place on Runcorn High Street, as a place of work and how we fit into the local community.

So as well as working on the prompt in our own way, we have asked a specific question to four artists, three of our own and one special guest star - Julia Midgley

“What inspires you on Runcorn High Street focusing on the past, present and future?"

Feel free to answer this question yourself, we will be sharing their responses online and at the Draw on Halton exhibition (details coming soon about that).

Pop over to the 'Draw on Halton 2' blog post to see how you can join in and send your entries our way. You now have till the 31st of March to send in any work inspired by the nine prompts, and have an opportunity to be part of the public exhibition.

Work created so far 'Soap' 'Perform' 'Nature' 'Buildings' 'People'Clouds’ 'Water' 'Travel'

As always the entries have all been very different, and we are always intrigued with where people are going to take the prompts.

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