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Draw on Halton 2 - Buildings The Entries

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

For our fourth prompt of 'Draw on Halton 2' we focused on 'Buildings' and their connection to Halton and Hazlehurst Studios - which you can read about here 'Draw on Halton - Buildings'

Hazlehurst Studios is a former Mersey Power Company building on the High Street of Runcorn and this year will mark the ninth anniversary of being part of the High Street.

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing some peeks from behind the front door of our studios, so that you can explore the building with us and see the artists we house (or at least their work).

This exploration of space and surroundings is part of our current body of work for the Arts Council, as we look into the feasibility of expanding our offer. What does that mean? Currently we are exploring the possibility of expanding our studio space, so that we can offer more opportunities for studio spaces and improve our facilities. If this interests you, then please get in touch.

Hazlehurst Studios - Rachael Prime and Claire Rachael Pitt

Rachael Prime and Claire Rachael Pitt: Cyanotype Experiments

Rachael was inspired by the plants that grow on our buildings, the little moments of alien worlds, as moss grows on brickwork.

Claire walks over the Silver Jubilee Bridge on a daily basis, and often ponders what is the first thing that other people notice when they cross the bridge.

On her daily walk across the Silver Jubilee Bridge, Claire is greeted by this mural by Satchel Haycraft, just one of an ever growing collection of Runcorn Street Art.

Cos Denman:

Words from Corinne: One of my favourite buildings in the old town,is this in Church St. It's last use was as a furniture shop I think. But it's been empty for years now and I worry that we will lose it. I've always thought it would make a great place to eat. So I've used my inner child and filled it with people downstairs, having tapas, Thai street food or Italian over a bottle of wine. And redecorated it outside, making sure it it wheelchair accessible. Adding a fire escape and a few extra tables.

Norton Priory in the snow (painted a few years ago).

Shelley Walker:

Ceri Dee Jones:

Amy Gordan:

As always the entries have all been very different, and we are always intrigued with where people are going to take the prompts.

As we have changed things up this time, we will be adding to this page as the challenge continues. So if you are still working on something soapy, performance, nature or buildings etc, don't worry, you have till the end of March to send something our way.

The next prompt is 'People' find out how to get involved by reading this blog post

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