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Draw on Halton 2 - People The Entries

For our fifth prompt of 'Draw on Halton 2' we focused on 'People' - which you can read about here 'Draw on Halton - People'

Our studio artist Nicolas Carrillo has been experimenting with some new ideas and has used the #drawonhalton prompt of people to explore the world of and its uses for creative coding, in this case a 3D portrait of his own face.

Allison John: This is a woodcut called 'Pondering the job'

Maria Tarn: 'Bridgewater Belle' in recognition of all the women who made homes in their canal boats.

Amy Gordan: Amy is one of our current work experience students and has delved into her sketchbooks for some 'People' inspiration, as well as exploring some digital art concepts.

Abby Moyle: Abby is also one of our work experience students and has been exploring in depth character design. This is leading to the further development of her own characters, as she explores different concepts.

Kyra McCarthy:

Olivia McCarthy:

As always the entries have all been very different, and we are always intrigued with where people are going to take the prompts.

As we have changed things up this time, we will be adding to this page as the challenge continues. So if you are still working on something soapy, performance, nature or buildings etc, don't worry, you have till the end of March to send something our way.

The next prompt is 'Clouds' find out how to get involved by reading this blog post

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