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Draw on Halton - People

Welcome to the fifth prompt of 'Draw on Halton 2' and we are strolling into 'People'

In our last prompt of 'Buildings' the main inspiration was our immediate surroundings in Runcorn and in particular, the building in which Hazlehurst Studios resides.

So for this prompt of 'People' what will we draw inspiration from? We have decided to look inwards and highlight the artists that inhabit Hazlehurst Studios.

Which means you can interpret this prompt however you like, whether that be a quick study of people that inspire you, random strangers walking past your window, looking in the mirror for a self portrait or just exploring historical figures that have a connection to Halton.

Pop over to the 'Draw on Halton 2' blog post to see how you can join in and send your entries our way.

Work created so far 'Soap' 'Perform' 'Nature' 'Buildings'

As always the entries have all been very different, and we are always intrigued with where people are going to take the prompts.

As we have changed things up this time, we will be accepting entries as the challenge continues, for all the prompts. So if you are still working on something soapy, performance, nature or buildings etc, don't worry, you have till the end of March to send something our way.

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