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Draw on Halton - Bridge

Summary of the first 'Draw on Halton' creative challenge - with the seventh prompt being 'Bridge'

Interesting things to consider:

How many bridges are there in Halton? (Clue: There is a lot!)

How many streets have the word 'Bridge' in it?

What is the oldest bridge in Halton?

Artists featured on the board are:

1.Alison Quinn 2.Claire Pitt 3.John Bond 4.Allison John 5.Corinne Denman

6.Olivia McCarthy 7.Rachael Prime 8.Kyra McCarthy

All work submitted for the 'Bridge' #drawonhalton challenge

Nicolas Carrillo: Our studio artist Nicolas Carrillo created a sound piece for this week's 'Bridge' #drawonhalton with sound recorded on the Silver Jubilee Bridge

Allison John:

Rachael Prime:

John Bond has created these beautiful prints from a wood block cut yesterday for #drawonhalton with three variations 15cm sq.

Claire Pitt:

Olivia McCarthy:

Kyra McCarthy:

Alison Quinn:

Corinne Denman:

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