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Draw on Halton - Museums

Summary of the 'Draw on Halton' creative challenge started - with the ninth prompt being 'Museums'

Interesting things to consider:

How many museums do we have in Halton?

What is the weirdest fact you have learnt from a museum in Halton?

Who is the fine looking fellow in the picture included in this post and where would you find him?

Artists featured on the Board

1. The Moodie Family 2.Rachael Prime 3.John Bond

4. Ellie Francesca Watson 5.Corinne Denman 6.Kyra McCarthy 7. John Bond 8. Olivia McCarthy 9. Maria Tarn 10. Paul Quigley

All work submitted for the 'Museums' #drawonhalton challenge

Maria Tarn -

Rachael Prime -

Ellie Watson -

Paul Quigley

Local photographer and heritage craftsman Paul Quigley has sent this in for #drawonhalton ‘Museums’

Norton Priory Museum & Garden has a fantastic collection of medieval tiles that cover almost all the different types produced at the time.

Inlay tiles are made by pressing a wooden stamp or hand cutting a design into the wet clay and then filling the resultant impression with a light coloured clay slip. Once the clay slip has dried enough, a tool is used to scrape off the excess slip which then leaves behind a striking two colour design. The designs would then be further enhanced by using different coloured glazes. I have used wildlife/bees for the design of my tiles.

Kyra McCarthy - Sketch (1)

Olivia McCarthy - Sketch (1)

Corinne Denman - Five images

John Bond -

The Moodie Family

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