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Draw on Halton - Railway

Summary of the first 'Draw on Halton' creative challenge - with the fourth prompt being 'Railway'

Interesting things to consider: How many train stations are there now in Halton? What Train Station has a famous musical connection?

Links below for more research, including links to some of the disused stations of Halton

Artists featured on the board are:

1.John Bond 2.Rachael Prime 3. Olivia McCarthy 4.Ellie Francesca Watson

5.Maria Tarn 6.Kyra McCarthy 7.Corinne Denman

All work submitted for the 'Railways' #drawonhalton challenge

Nicolas Carrillo: Last year our studio artist Nick went on an epic American road trip and captured these images along the way.

Technical details:

All images shot on Fomapan 100 film

Stand processed for 60 minutes in Rodinal 1:100

Cameras / lenses:

Tracks & Bridge Leica M6 + Elmar m 50mm

Freight Train Nikon AF60

More work over here ~

Rachael Prime:

Maria Tarn:

Ellie Francesca Watson:

John Bond:

Corinne Denman:

Olivia McCarthy:

Kyra McCarthy:

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