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Draw on Halton - School

Summary of the 'Draw on Halton' creative challenge started - with the Twelfth prompt being 'School'

This week the theme was 'School' to mark the traditional end of the school year in these unusual times.

A Black and white photograph of Hill School in Halton, situated just below Halton Castle. The photograph has been taken looking up the hill towards the school, and there is a boy running up the hill in the foreground.

Sepia postcard with a photograph of a class at Widnes Elementary School, c. 1906.

Teachers at Hough Green School, Ditchfield Road, c1920s

Artists featured on the Board

1. John Bond 2. Rachael Prime 3. Ellie Francesca Watson 4. Kyra McCarthy 5. Olivia McCarthy 6. Rachael Prime

All work submitted for the 'School' #drawonhalton challenge

Ellie Francesca Watson:

Rachael Prime:

John Bond -

Last weeks offering into #drawonhalton on the subject of schools is Widnes Academy on the West Bank for local artist John Bond

Some buildings or structures herald your arrival or proximity to a destination. To me Widnes Academy is one of these buildings. Invariably in years gone past you would be queuing on the approach to the Silver Jubilee Bridge to cross the River Mersey and see the school right next to the approach. We are queuing no longer with the Mersey Gateway toll Bridge completed nearby in 2017.

West Bank School as it was forgery known was built by The Widnes School Board and opened in 1877. During the holiday in 1878 attendance officers made a house to house visitation to take a census of children of school age for the Board, In this census it was found that well over a thousand children were not attending school at all. Perhaps one of the reasons for this absence from school was the cost of 6d per week for seniors, 3d for juniors and 2d for infants. With the large families at the time this must have been a significant cost to families.

Kyra McCarthy:

Olivia McCarthy:

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