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Draw on Halton 2 - Soap - Bubble Painting

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

We are coming to the last few days of the first prompt of Draw on Halton 2, 'Soap'. Hazlehurst Studios is intrinsically linked to the Soap industry in Halton, taking our name from a local soap producer.

This video shows the technique of bubble painting, mixing hand soap with poster paint to create wonderful bubbles prints. Two of our resident artists created a step by step video of the technique, to be used by local teachers who are apart of the Halton primary Art Network (HPAN.) The work was linked to a local project called Elements of Halton run by the Catalyst museum in Widnes in partnership with HPAN and Cultivate Halton.

If you would like to take part in Draw On Halton 2 project click this link to find out how to enter and the list of prompts:

If you would like some inspiration for the current prompt Soap please click here:

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