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Draw on Halton - Nature

Welcome to the third prompt of 'Draw on Halton 2' and we are ambling into 'Nature'

As we head towards 2021 this week, with the worrying thought of another lockdown looming, we look at the prompt 'Nature' and think about its relevancy to Halton.

Halton can at times conjure up images of industry, past and present, and the environmental costs that brings to a local area. Are your thoughts positive or negative when you think about Nature and green spaces in Halton?

During the first national lockdown several of our artists found solace in exploring the green spaces that make up Halton as a whole, from canal paths to the parks and local nature reserves. Becoming explorers in their own backyard provided some respite from the news, whilst also providing inspiration for their own artwork. Socially distanced wanderings have led to new places being discovered and ideas being generated.

What can you do if you can't explore the outside world?

Self isolation means becoming detached from nature and the outside world, so what can you do to still feel connected?

Self Isolating Bird Club is a Facebook community of nature lovers to share pictures and videos from around the world, with a live broadcast to start again next Sunday. The videos are also on Youtube and they have a website. At the bottom of this blog post is also a link to a few webcams providing peeks at nature around the world.

Zooinverse is a way you can help scientists all round the world by volunteering on a vast array of projects, from squirrels to mapping historical skies.

Question time?

Who is your favourite artist that captures the world of nature, from colours to smells to sounds.

Who is your favourite poet or just favourite poem, when you think of the subject of nature

Where is your favourite nature spot in Halton.

We would love to know what inspires you, so please do join in.

Pop over to the 'Draw on Halton 2' blog post to see how you can join in and send your entries our way.

Work created so far 'Soap' 'Perform'

Websites referenced:

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