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Draw on Halton - Perform

Welcome to the second prompt of 'Draw on Halton 2' and we are swooshing onto 'Perform'

Halton has a full history of performers and performance, and a vibrant local music scene. Due to covid19 the venues have fallen silent, from folk nights at the local golf club, to rowdy open mike nights down the pub. As artists we perform in our own way, telling stories through visual cues.

If there are no performances happening at the moment, then how can you find inspiration for this prompt? Our inspirational artist for this is Julia Midgley, who is a local artist that we have worked with previously. Julia has been taking part in 'Drawing Bodies in Motion' which is a concept ran by the Luke Brown Dance Company and she has allowed us to share these images to illustrate the concept.

Every Sunday you can join via Zoom to paint, sketch, whatever medium you fancy to capture Luke and various other dancers in motion - please find out more by clicking this link 'Drawing Bodies in Motion' and view the gallery of work produced by other artist's here 'Drawing Bodies in Motion on Instagram'. This is a unique avenue that they have had to diversify into, whilst they can't practice their art of dance in the usual way and this is a great way of supporting someone creative, whilst developing your own creative skills.

It's £8 per session (pay as you go) and perfect for anyone that has been tempted to attend life drawing classes.

If you are watching any other performances online, why not have a go at sketching them?

When we think of perform, we were immediately drawn to performance and the act of performing, but it is also a word that can be used to focus on those mundane duties we perform on a daily basis, like making the bed.

We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Pop over to the 'Draw on Halton 2' blog post to see how you can join in and send your entries our way.

Work created so far 'Soap'

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