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Merry Christmas from Hazlehurst Studios

Merry Christmas from all of us at Hazlehurst Studios and we all hope for a Happier New Year.

We would just like to take a moment to thank everyone for supporting Hazlehurst Studios, every like and comment is appreciated. We have been so pleased about the interest in 'Draw on Halton' and our current 'Draw on Halton 2'. It is really helping us build a picture of how people see Halton and what creative talent we have. It started as a random idea to keep us all connected during the first lockdown and now has led to exhibitions and exciting ideas for next year.

We have made a conscious effort to document everything more, so head over to the blog if you want to see things in more detail

It has also been a year of achievements for our artists, many of whom wear many hats, not just that of an artist.

Mima Cornish of HedgeRose Healing and Meditation is embarking on a new journey offering counselling, as well her other marvellous healing and meditation.

Kim Liu has opened up the botanical wonderland that is Bamboo Botanicals during lockdown and made a huge success of it.

Ellie Ellie Francesca Design has worked so hard at creating a portfolio of amazing portraits that have enabled her to open her online shop over on Etsy.

Rachael Prime has been a key worker throughout and in her downtime has developed new ways of working, pushing the boundaries of how people view the medium of stitch Rachael Prime Art

Claire Pitt C.R.Pitt Designs and Rachael Rachael Prime Art have also been developing their skills in the world of online workshops, creating a series of sessions for our Cultivate Halton partners Halton Primary Arts Network and Halton Libraries

Hazlehurst Print managed to come together (separately) to take part in Hot Bed Press 2020 20:20 and produce a marvellous set of prints, a great achievement considering most people couldn’t access their usual set of equipment.

Our community garden project Old Town Bloomers Including Incredible Edible Runcorn continues to bloom and grow, with some ideas in the works for next year.

Hazlehurst Studios have also been successful in receiving funding from the Arts Council and we are currently using this funding to see how Hazlehurst can develop over the next few years. As part of this, we have been working with some work experience students, and we will continue to develop that program.

During all this, our other artists have kept us going by doing the much appreciated paperwork, working in their local community shop and all those other tasks that may not seem vital, but keep the world turning. Staying home and keeping safe has been the most vital job of all.

Next year may still be different, but we will try to keep things interesting!

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