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New Ferry CLT pt2

For context you can read our first blog on the subject here: New Ferry CLT pt1.

The Cleveland Arms was the main focal point of our consultation, as they had already expressed an interest in having a mural and were actively involved with the New Ferry CLT team.

The Space: The Cleveland Arms had developed a warm welcoming outdoor space, adapting to the covid restrictions and providing a much needed meeting space for their locals. After a few brief conversations with the locals, it was apparent how important this space was to them. It may seem like unassuming brick wall, but it was great to have a visual starting point. The pub was actually a mecca for some outsider art, though some locals were focal about hating it, it was interesting all the same.


After our various conversations with the pub locals, the initial idea of focusing on the heritage of New Ferry and putting that on the walls at The Cleveland Arms, soon went out the window. The people that visited the pub were passionate about the characters that formed the pub's story over the years, rather than the buildings that made up the town.

We didn't have to worry about shoehorning in a mention of The Queen and her platinum Jubilee celebration, as the pub was home to veterans that were proud of their service, choosing the pub as the place to display their personal militaria, instead in their own homes.

Work in progress:

After the site visits and community consultation events, we brought all the images and ideas back to Hazlehurst to discuss the strongest themes, then Toni took the lead on the design for this mural. Initially sketching out the ideas, before transferring those ideas into a digital format. You can see more of Toni's work with us over on 'Working with Artists'.

The Final Design:

Toni has incorporated the main themes that were discussed over the site visits and consultation days, intrepertating them into her own unique style. Our next steps will be doing a large scale test print of this piece and seeing it in situ at The Cleveland Arms.

The final blog post on our New Ferry project will be coming soon!

For context you can read our first blog on the subject here: New Ferry CLT pt1.

This project was funded by the Arts Council The Arts Council England Let’s Create Jubilee Fund supported voluntary and community groups to develop creative and cultural activities as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June 2022. The Fund was been created by Art's Council England with funds from the National Lottery.

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